Sunday Mass:
9:30 & 11:30 am @ St. James Parish

Daily Mass:
7:30 am @ The Parish House (Rectory)


Third Sunday of the Month Following Each Mass
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The Seven Sacraments:
Anointing of the sick
Holy Orders

The sacraments of the Catholic Church are rooted in the life of ministry of Jesus Christ and the Traditional Church. As the Church grew in its understanding of what God revealed through Jesus’ life and teachings Christians came to recognized seven primary ways that God’s grace is active in our lives:
- We are brought to new life
- We are strengthened by the Holy Spirit.
- We share in Jesus’ sacrifice, death and resurrection.
- Our sins are forgiven
- We are healed in illnesses
- Some are called to share love and the creation of new life in Marriage.
- Some serve others through a special call to minister to the Church.

The sacraments help us remember that Christ is the sacrament of the salvation, which we experience through the life of the Church. Through the sacraments, we remember the life, ministry, and message of Jesus, and celebrate anew his risen presence among us. The sacraments are primarily community celebrations of our belonging to the Body of Christ.